The Pharmaceutical Industry is a key segment for global economical growth. While the industry is dominated by developed countries mainly US, the developing countries like China and India shows an impressive growth in recent years. There is significant increase in the demand for innovative drugs which drives R&D investment in the industry across various countries. The biopharmaceuticals has brought revolutionary change for new drug inception. Proteomics, Molecular biology and Genomics have helped the manufacturers to to innovate effective drugs & processes for formulation. 

The major factors affecting the growth of the industry are regulation & reforms, pricing issues. The major MNCs are nowadays outsourcing the R&D to reduce the cost and leverage the skill work pool across the countries. 

The sector covers wide range of large MNCs, mid-size firms, specialty drug maker organization, generic manufactures, and biopharmaceutical firms, small scale industries, various support facility, contract research by service companies, contract sales, regulatory guidance, etc.


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